Published by the Texas Transportation Museum, San Antonio

T Fords of Texas Member John Williams

San Antonio
1911 Ford Model T roadster, 1926 Ford Model T sedan

John is one of the most sociable people in the club. He works in a heavy duty truck business and is very active in the San Antonio Transportation Association, one of the oldest branches of the group in the country. He now owns two Model Ts. His 1911 roadster is probably the epitome of what the public expects a Model T to be. Being an early model, it is replete with lots of bright work, straps, struts and, no, it isn't black.

John and Diane WIlliams with their 1911 Ford Model T roadster at the San Antonio Ford Model T show at the Texas Transportation Museum in San Antonio


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Published by the T Fords of Texas, San Antonio's Ford Model T Club