Published by the Texas Transportation Museum, San Antonio

T Fords of Texas Member Buddy Holcomb

Corpus Christ
1913 Model T Runabout

Buddy is a genuine Texas original, just like his beloved 1913 T. Neither is pit shined or polished. What you see is what you get, the real deal. Buddy drives his T all over Corpus Christi, despite the salt laden air that would intimidate most people. He has brought his T, which he likes to keep the way he found it, many, many years ago, to several club related events. This is the kind of authenticity that draws attention, and old Buddy does not shrink away from it, and neither does his T.

Buddy Holcomb at a parade in Bandera, Texas
Buddy Holcomb at the PBS television station in Corpus Christi


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Published by the T Fords of Texas, San Antonio's Ford Model T Club